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Awaken your senses in Teruel
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Soak up history, natural and cultural heritage combined with unforgettable landscapes which preserve the way of life from centuries ago, full of life and flavours.

Travel to the middle Ages and discover monuments of the Templar Knights or the capital of the Carlist Wars.

Enjoy the silence, walking through stunning rural environments such as the source of the Pitarque River, the sharp rocks of “Órganos de Montoro” or following the Cid Campeador's footsteps along his route on these lands.

Awaken your senses tasting a good wine combined with the famous Tronchón cheese, the favourite of Don Quixote, and the prestigious ham of Teruel. Enjoy the "Black Diamond"; the famous black truffle combined with an exquisite olive oil, a culinary pleasure and unique experience.

The last Spanish secret is definitely worth discovering.


The Last Spanish Secret

Discover a virgin land of beautiful landscape and rugged relief of singular contrasts, walk in the footsteps of the conquering military orders and relax in our charming family-run hotels.

7 nights 9 nights

Frontiers land

This vast and uninhabited territory is the repository of a remarkable historical legacy and a rich architectural and cultural heritage that provides its own identity.

6 nights 9 nights

Where silence speaks

Discover a land of contrasts that gives the hiker the feeling of being the first person to set foot in these paths. Soak up in history, awake your senses and enjoy the experience of knowing this virgin land.

6 nights 9 nights

Sample route


“The last Spanish secret...”